Industry Interface

NESI-SES Association

The National Energy Solutions Institute – Smart Energy Source (NESI-SES) Association was formed as a collaboration across higher education, cooperatives, utilities, energy providers, government stakeholders and consumers. NESI takes existing energy research programs at OSU and strengthens them by unifying across disciplines, while SES applies the research findings to industry. The OSU Research Foundation (OSURF) provides a conduit between University faculty focused in the area of energy research and the NESI-SES Association, an industry sponsored organization. OSURF also provides facilities for the association and its’ Energy Resource Operations Center, which provides energy data and analytics simulation to University faculty and students. For further information, please visit

OSU Research Park

The OSU Research Park, formerly known as the Oklahoma Technology and Research Park, includes the 160-acre tract located at the southwest corner of Sangre Road and Highway 51 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. OSURF manages the OSU Research Park, along with the Michael S. Morgan Business Accelerator Building and coordinates with colleges and departments within the University to initiate development plans for expansion of the grounds and facilities. OSURF is currently recruiting new tenants. Please contact OSURF if you are interested in locating your business in the OSU Research Park.